The BWIT 2021 project has come to an end

Both networking sessions of Canadian Women in Tech 2021 Virtual Mission to Poland (BWIT 2021) in Poland – pitching & individual B2B meetings – were attended by several dozen entities present on the Polish market interested in cooperation with Canadian companies and innovation champions.

As the Organizer, we are glad that we could once again support the construction of business bridges between Poland and Canada. It was a great satisfaction to participate in initiating a dialogue on the possibilities of joint R&D projects involving key centers on the Polish side.

Together, with the invaluable contribution of our Strategic Partner – the Canadian Embassy to Poland – we have added another small brick to the development of an interesting Polish-Canadian networking and business communication platform.

We would like to thank all parties for their cooperation, and entities that did not manage to join the Polish-Canadian Business Mixer are invited to participate in the next editions.


B2B Matchmaking - round of individual business meetings ahead

Another edition of the Polish-Canadian Business Mixer is underway. Behind us are over a dozen pitching sessions as part of the Canadian Women in Tech 2021 Virtual Mission to Poland project.

On December 8-10, twelve selected Canadian companies from the sectors: Green Energy, Cybersecurity, Digital Health and FinTech presented their technologies, products or services.

The initiative met with great interest. So far, over 14 Polish companies and institutions have participated in the mission.

Currently, the second part of the mission has started, consisting in the organization of individual sessions – business talks, at the same time expanding the group of Polish participants of the event.


The Pitching Session BWIT 2021 is over

BWIT is a virtual economic mission aimed at connecting Canadian companies with potential partners in Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Polish part of the mission took place on December 8-9, 2021.

Twelve selected Canadian companies owned or run by women from the Energy Efficiency, Digital Health and FinTech sectors met with potential partners in Poland as part of a special Pitching Session.


Canadian Business Women in Tech Mission to Benelux and Poland 2021 - about the mission

Canadian women entrepreneurs are critical to the economic success of communities across the country. At the same time, they often face unique barriers when starting and growing their businesses and have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. The Government of Canada has long supported women entrepreneurs, and is committed to making the necessary investments to position them for success in the future.

The Canadian Business Women in Tech Mission to Benelux and Poland 2021

is a virtual trade mission with the objective to connect Canadian women-owned and women-led businesses with potential partners in Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Poland part of the mission took place on 8-9 December 2021. Twelve preselected Canadian women-owned and women-led companies from the energy efficiency, digital health and fintech sectors met with potential partners in Poland in two formats:
  • Pitching Sessions, which gave the Canadian companies the opportunity to present their products and technologies to Polish relevant sector champions.
  • B2B Matchmaking, a series of individual meetings with potential partners, clients or distributors.

Sector: Digital health

Areto Labs is a B2B SaaS tech startup building apps for the digital workplace that improve culture automatically and measure engagement by combining sentiment analysis with a program of automated, behavioural-science based culture-building prompts and nudges. Areto Labs was born from an effort to address the emerging workplace issue of toxicity and harassment that many public figures face on Twitter as they engage with their stakeholders in public, like athletes, journalists and politicians.

Sector: FinTech

Arteria is a modular, AI-enabled, data-first digital documentation solution that offers organizations data-driven contracting and processing. This approach enhances and streamlines the document-generation, negotiation, workflow, execution, and extraction processes that organizations apply daily to remove the risk, speed up execution time, and ultimately allow for a deeper understanding of the data within their documents.

Sector: FinTech

Boss Insights is an award-winning leader in open banking, linking fintechs and financial institutions to their small and medium-sized business clients’ financial accounting, commerce, payroll and tax data in minutes. In addition to data from the likes of QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon and more, we have portals to originate, decision and service fintechs and financial institutions. Boss Insights was selected as a CB Insights’ Top 35 Future in Fintech, awarded Open Banking Excellence’s Appathon SME Winner, and case studies with financial institutions and fintechs are published by Open Finance world.

Sector: Clean Technologies (Energy efficiency/circular/economy)

CORE Renewable Energy has the capability to customize any energy system design including solar, wind, biomass and storage solutions to specific demand requirements, and simulate energy system integration for short and long term planning for micro-grids, smart cities or autonomous units, thereby mitigating random system implementation and improving your system productivity, reliability and bottom line.

We put the Power in your Plan so you can make the most of different energy generation and storage assets for enhanced energy, reliability and economics with our COREO platform that maximizes intelligent operations for optimal power performance of microgrids for smart cities and remote communities.

Sector: Cybersecurity

Data Centric Security Solutions. CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions is a proudly Canadian technology company. We at CryptoMill, are passionate about making the world safer and more secure. We focus on disruptive innovation – working hard to create ground-breaking, impactful solutions in a cyberspace which is constantly under attack. We believe that security is everyone’s right. We protect the data that builds governments & businesses, bringing protection and simplicity into the most complex of environments.

Sector: Digital health

We develop tools to funnel and ensure the credibility of online health information. Considering the deluge of health information being uploaded on the Web and the increase in dis- and misinformation, we use AI to first, categorize and find health information and second, reference factual and credible content.

Sector: FinTech

FAIRLY’s mission is to support the broad use of fair and responsible AI by helping organizations accelerate safer and better models-to-market.

FAIRLY is a trusted provider of AI governance, risk and compliance technology. Built to help businesses accelerate responsible AI models to market, FAIRLY’s API-driven productivity and risk management tools feature automated and transparent reporting, bias detection, and explainable model risk assessment, thus streamlining AI development, validation and audit processes across the three lines of defense for financial services at scale. For SMEs and startups outside of financial services, our Model Risk Management as a Service is the quality assurance partner you need to help guide you through the governance, risk and compliance processes for safer and faster models-to-market.

Sector: Digital health

GreyLit has created an attainable Open-Access platform that allows for equitable access to information, mobilization, peer review, and impact measurement.

GreyLit is an open access platform that helps our members lobby for more funds and resources by providing them with analytics that measure impact and knowledge mobilization.

Sector: Clean Technologies (Energy efficiency/circular economy)

Kanin is a turnkey project development and finance company that helps heavy industry monetize waste heat and decarbonize operations.

We provide a bundled solution for industrial customers that include the design, capital, construction, and operations for the project. Our core focus is on capturing waste heat for power generation and district heating projects.

Sector: Digital health

Our solutions are sought after by hospitals looking to manage their flow and wanting a more concrete mathematical certainty before operationalizing their plans, whether that is planning for future patient flow in a new hospital or an existing hospital to better understand their current status and determine the best alternatives to move forward based on their priorities (ie. test the outcome of their plans before doing live pilots).

Sector: Clean Technologies (Energy efficiency/circular economy)

Fog and cloud water harvesting technology and integrated solutions

We support and contribute to environmental conservation, and transcend benefits for society. Our mission is to add a new water source to the water game and embrace a whole new water source. Permalution is introducing a new water source into the scene. With our 2 product configuration: our water radar and fog catcher, we can capture from 150-400 liters of water per day, which can support a family of 4-6. It is a passive solution and it does not alter ecosystems.

Sector: Clean Technologies (Energy efficiency/circular economy)

We use Digital Twin Ai, to help Solar companies increase yield, thus increasing profitability for solar, making the energy transition faster.

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